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June 8, 2009 at 6:48 AM

Mom’s comfort food

Ingredients were plucked from the garden. Fishes from the pond. And cooked with lotsa love.


Nothing can go wrong with mom’s cooking, dad’s burping and Joyce’s cute little nose. Have a blessed weekend.

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When the mall is a boring place to be.

My little girl always get excited when i told her we are going back to Agro. I am glad she prefer this adventure rather than going to shopping complex. Maybe she is too young to understand. Maybe everyone should take a break from the concrete jungle.





Nothing beats a cool refreshing bath after a long day in the park.

Have a blessed weekend.

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Little cadets in green.

It was so great having them here.


Testing their survival skill in the mild jungle of Padawan.


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Weekend getaway

It has been a while since i have posted anything here. Life has been good to us here at Agrotouri.


I somehow forget how peaceful and relaxing to see the stream flow. The rambutan tree dancing gracefully in the wind. The bees buzzing. And the short silence of serenity.


Till we meet again, God Bless.

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It put a smile on my face

I really miss all the fun time we had with our clients and friend. Every time i looked back at old photos, it just cheer my day. That’s why i kept coming back here, every single weekend and holiday. All the good time cherish, put a smile on my face.


Snowie’s Dad

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Do not look back in anger & Let the good time roll

When i was young, every time i had a heated argument with my parent or sibling, i would just run away or avoid them by hiding in my room.

At the age of 31, living on my own, it is so easy to ignore your parent and love one. Word of advise, “Never look back in anger”. Flip out your photo album and cherish the beautiful moment you had with your parent, brother, sister and friend.

Anger and Hatred should not be your driver. Love and happiness will steer you away from the storm.

Trust me, Hamilton.

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Hairy Berry with Jimmy

A couple months ago, our honorable guest came and stay with us.

Lucky for him, it was fruit season.

Lucky again for him, our hairy berry plant bore fruit for the first time.

It looks like rambutan, but taste even sweeter. Monkey and sapience all around the world rejoices.

** My mom and dad look like papa/mama smurf. Hehehe ..

Enjoy the pictures and HAPPY EASTER.


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